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When and if the insurance of the party at fault admitted liability that would directly relate to property damages only. The insurance adjusters would likely object to your medical bills and pain and suffering. They want to prolong you are seeking legal help as much as possible before medical bills become due. That tactic would allow the insurance counsel to deny the injury claim and object to discussing property damages in front of the jury if the case goes to trial.

After getting into an accident, there are many factors to consider before you decide if you need a lawyer. The more serious the accident, the more serious the consequences could be for all sides involved. The injuries and property damages could be devastating and much over the insurance coverage. There is always a risk that the other side will fight to deny or significantly reduce the responsibility.
Unfortunately, many people in accidents wait too long before asking for legal advice and hiring an accident lawyer. Sometimes, the “friendly” insurance adjuster gives false promises or creates a wrong impression that the case is straightforward and the other side has already accepted the responsibility.
After it was clear that the other side, on the contrary, was willing to fight hard, the injured party decided to seek legal help. However, because time is of the essence in all accidents, some evidence can be lost or damaged when the attorney starts working on the case. Medical care must be available as soon as possible after the accident happens. Sadly, it is not always the case when the injured persons decide that they can wait until the injuries aggregate and cause complications. At Borisov Law, we know that medical care must be provided immediately, and we refer you to the right medical professionals.
Even when the accidents are minor, the injuries could be aggregated if the injured party has a pre-existing condition.
In conclusion, you should hire a lawyer to protect your rights and be justly compensated and treated for the injuries and damages caused by the other party.

At Borisov Law, we work on a contingency basis that is free of the risk of hiring us because you pay nothing until we win the case. In most cases, we pay all the expenses related to the case and share the rest of the settlement money with you. The split usually contributes to 33% unless we go to the mediation or a trial, in which case the percentage would be higher. Before you take your case, we will discuss and explain the fee-splitting in detail and obtain your informed concern.

For accidents involving physical injuries, the lawyer finds and settles appointments for the client with experienced and skillful doctors and medical specialists. All possible parties and witnesses, including insurance companies and their adjusters, should be identified and contacted.
To properly evaluate damages from the accident, the lawyer will carefully investigate how and why an accident happened. That will include collecting and preserving all possible evidence and witnesses statements. At that stage, the attorney should be able to draft a demand letter to the insurance company to negotiate a favorable client settlement. At the end of medical treatment, the lawyer will negotiate with medical providers and other parties contracted on a lien basis for the client’s benefits. If the insurance company rejects the settlement, the lawyer will start the litigation process, which begins with filing a claim. Finally, the lawyer prepares for mediation and possibly a trial to recover a client’s damages.

It is impossible to calculate the monetary value of the accident for the injured person with precision because there is no such method or formula to be based on.
However, all accidents share some common factors that make it possible to make an initial evaluation for damage recovery.
Some threats to consider would involve initial property damages and physical injuries to the person.
The more serious the injuries, the more consequential damages could be recovered, such as lost wages and future earnings.
Also, the emotional impact of the accident often leads to loss of consortium and emotional distress.
All those and related factors should be identified and dealt with by a lawyer who would present evidence and argue the case for the most benefit of the client.

Even if the police officer wrote a ticket violation to the other driver, that would not be admissible as proof of fault in a court of law. That is especially true if the other side pleads no contest.
Only give a recorded statement if your attorney is present and advises you to do so. That statement could be used against you later on, even by your insurance adjuster, to deny or devaluate the claim.

We don’t accept cases if you only have vehicle damages and don’t have physical injuries. The insurance must compensate you in the next several days based on your policy after you report the accident. However, remember at the time of the accident, most people experience the adrenaline rush and don’t feel the pain. That could take several days to realize that the person was injured. It is always advisable to be examined by a doctor for future health complications.

The person with a dog is responsible so that people would not be hurt around that dog. That is because the owner owes a duty of reasonable care to other people when the dog is near them and has an opportunity to attack. Simple precautious measures such as a short enough leash could prevent the possibility of the attack.
The other safety measures depend on the dog’s propensities and behavior in certain situations. The owner should be more cautious when the dog is pregnant or has puppies because, at that time, the dog is more sensitive and protective. If the dog’s owner disregards safety measures and the dog bites somebody, the owner is deemed to breach his duty and will be legally liable for the dog’s actions.

Because a truck is a commercial vehicle, more parties share liability with truck accidents. Besides a truck driver, a trucking company could be vicariously liable for its employee’s actions. The truck manufacturer could be liable if a manufacturing defect in a truck production contributed to the accident. The other exposed side could be a seller or vendor responsible for loading the merchandise in the truck, which was negligently performed and a factor in the accident. The other driver on the road might also carry responsibility.To correctly identify and charge all possible responsible parties, you need an experienced truck attorney to help you be fairly compensated.

Generally, three kinds of defects can produce product liability cases: design defects, manufacturing defects, and defects that contribute to when the product goes for sale. If the consumer was injured by using the product as advertised, that means the product is dangerous to use. In food poisoning, that also could be a negligence case from the seller who didn’t exercise a duty of care by putting a defectively dangerous product on sale. 
An example of food poisoning is being infected with Salmonella. Keep in mind that Salmonella is infectious and could spread to other people. When infected, report the case to the Center for Disease Control for possible outbreak prevention.
When injured by a defective product, it is essential to properly document and report the time of injuries and collect available information such as date of purchase, receipts, place of purchase, and other relevant information.

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