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Borisov Law is located in Glendale, Ca. Still, our personalized service could reach you all over the Los Angeles Greater Area, including but not limited to Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Pomona, Torrance, Pasadena, Burbank, and others. Our main area of expertise relates to the legal representation of people injured during intentional acts or negligence of others. Our main goal is to obtain the maximum financial compensation for our clients, including non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Physical discomfort and emotional distress are always under our consideration for your recovery process.

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At Borisov Law, we put our client's needs as the priority. However, the best aggressive and professional legal representation would require finding out and analyzing data on many internal and external factors related to the case. Eventually, we create an environment where clients choose their best tactics based on our strategy. Well-informed consent is the keystone for our clients' decisions regarding every stage of the case.

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During the first consultation, we evaluated your accident from the factors most favorable to you. There is a case if there is any negligence fault from the adverse side that caused you physical or emotional injuries. However, to prevent false expectations, we have never made promises that we can't keep. There is no worse situation when false promises result in an unfavorable outcome. If your case requires the participation of specialists, we will find them to strengthen it. We have good working relations with several law firms that would help your case if needed. Of course, that would never cost you extra. When we took your case, the retainer you signed was on a contingency basis and would never change for your share. When we need to go to a trial, we will provide the best trial attorneys for you. At Borisov Law, we understand that technology can make a difference in our client's representation and handling of the case. That is why we continue to invest in new training and technological, legal services that could benefit our clients. We also are actively involved in community and professional legal services.

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Borisov Law in Glendale, Ca

Semion Borisov is a sole proprietor who practices the law. He has diversity background and a passionate commitment to the law practice. He started his first profession as a mining engineer in Baku, Azerbaijan. Upon arriving in the United States, he graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.S. degree in computer science. Semion has always felt that working directly with people is his philosophy. That is how he became a real estate broker. At the same time, he also established and developed a successful ultrasound company. However, he always felt a passion for the law. He successfully graduated from Purdue Global Law University and became a licensed attorney.

Borisov Law represents the injured in Glendale and Greater Los Angeles Area. Call or email us today to discuss your case with Semion Borisov.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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